The HF Radio Charitable Trust is a New Zealand registered charity providing;

Disaster relief communication services to communities affected by a natural disaster via a transportable high frequency (HF) radio service.

Public safety at sea services to recreational vessels via a maritime high frequency (HF) coast radio station service.


  • Maintain operational readiness of a transportable HF base station capable of operating on either land mobile or amateur service frequencies.

  • Establish, promote and co-ordinate the operation of the Alpine Fault Netâ„¢ using amateur service HF and VHF frequencies.

  • Deliver education to communities on which communication technologies are likely to be unavailable or overloaded following a major natural disaster and what they can do to prepare for such a scenario.

  • Establish relationships with other organisations involved with provision of, or requirement for, disaster relief communications.

  • Provide a coast maritime HF radio service to recreational vessels located between equator to 56S and 120E to 64W.
  • Provide a passage monitoring service to reduce the number of recreational vessels reported overdue whilst conducting an ocean passsage.
  • Deliver educational presentations to the yachting community on topics related to HF radio, communication and safety at sea.