HF Radio Charitable Trust

Disaster Relief and Safety at Sea High Frequency Radio Services


High-frequency (HF) radio, known as single-side band (SSB) in the maritime world, provides a means of communication over medium to long distances without the need for fibre optic cable, Internet or satellites.

A radio at each end is connected to a suitable antenna, and you have communication.

Community projects

Alpine Fault Net™

Alpine Fault Net

Our Alpine Fault Net™ is a New Zealand wide group of volunteer amateur radio operators who exercise monthly in preparation for a natural disaster in New Zealand.

By setting up temporary field stations near the centre of town, our radio operators are able to link isolated and rural communities with both one another and with metropolitan centres using portable HF radio equipment.

If you are a certified amateur radio operator located in New Zealand, have a strong desire to serve your community, and you own a high frequency (HF) radio, then please consider volunteering.

Comms Trailer

Designed to be setup within 30 minutes by a single person, our transportable communications trailer is able to operate for an unlimited period due to its solar panels and AGM batteries.

A small team of volunteers is trained, and regularly exercised in the operation of the station, which can be moved to any part of the South Island and used for disaster relief communications following a natural distaster.

It can be operated from a command post nearby, or remotely over the Internet (if available) or over a VHF radio link if required.

Passage Guardian

A global (free of charge) safety service for recreational vessels conducting ocean passages.

Passage Guardian accepts float plans from vessels on departure and monitors progress to ensure they reach their destination safely.

Daily communication with up to 100 yachts per year is via HF radio, and email over satellite connections.

Additionally, we deliver education on communicataion and safety at sea via the Internet and lectures at yacht clubs.

Golden Globe Race

The Golden Globe Race ocean race is a non stop circumnavigation for solo sailors, departing from and returning to Les Sables-d'Olonne, France.

A re-creation of the original Sunday Times 1968 race, sailors navigate using celestial navigation and communicate with HF/ SSB radio.

We provided essential daily weather forecasts and ship to shore messages for entrants in the 2022 race over a four month period.

Ocean Globe Race

The Ocean Globe Race is a non stop circumnavigation for fully crewed yachts, departing from and returning to Southampton, England.

A re-creation of the original Whitbread Round The World Race in 1973, yachts are only permitted to use equipment and technology available back in the day.

Our maritime coast station Passage Guardian Radio provided essential weather forecasts to yachts as they circumnavigated the globe in 2023/24