Alpine Fault Net

Our Alpine Fault Net™ is a New Zealand wide group of volunteer certified amateur radio operators who exercise monthly in preparation for a natural disaster anywhere in New Zealand.

Alpine Fault Net

7115 KHz LSB at 9:30AM NZST
3605 KHz LSB at 8:30PM NZST
1st Sunday of every month

What To Do

  • Prepare your base or field HF station. It needs to be running on battery power when checking into the Alpine Fault Net. Disaster relief comms can last weeks and months, not hours and days. You will need solar. It is unlikely you will be able to obtain fuel for a generator.

  • If you have a field station, consider setting up at the local school or park near the community centre. Ask permission where required.

  • Participate in the Alpine Fault Net (see schedule above) by checking in with net control station ZL6EQ. Always use your primary amateur callsign, and NOT a vanity call, club call or AREC callsign.

  • The net commences with check ins from each region. When you hear an invitation to check in for YOUR region, say your callsign only.

  • At the conclusion of check ins, net control station ZL6EQ will commence a roll call.

    When you are called, reply with your callsign, [base / field ] station, location and operator name. Example:


  • Once the roll call has ended, ZL6EQ will announce that the frequency is available for stations to conduct general traffic. This is your opportunity to share with others what your station setup is, and learn what equipment others are using.

  • Your first priority is to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and people nearby. Not your radio!

  • Get your station on air and listen on 7115 KHz LSB for any traffic. If you have a field station, consider setting up at the local school or park near the community centre.

  • If no traffic heard, call Alpine Fault Net. This is a call to any station participating in the net. If nothing heard, try again on 3605 KHz LSB.

  • If still nothing heard, repeat at the top of every hour on both frequencies until you contact another station on the Alpine Fault Net.