Our volunteers stand ready to provide HF radio communication services to communities affected by natural disasters.

When extreme weather or disaster hits, our volunteers self activate and establish communication, helping their communities respond to the crisis at hand.

If you are a certified amateur radio operator located in New Zealand and are already participating in our monthly Alpine Fault Net, or would like to do so in the future, please complete the form below.

You do not need to be a member of any club or organisation and there is no membership fee.

Filling out the Volunteer Application Form (below) will allow us to notify you of upcoming special event exercises and when an extreme weather event or natural disaster occurs anywhere in New Zealand.

Alpine Fault Net Operator

Suitable for entry level to advanced amateur radio operators.

Tune in to the Alpine Fault Net on the first Sunday of the month to exercise your station. Missing the occasional month is not a problem.

We recommend listening to the net on your first month to learn how it works.

  • Certified amateur radio operator
  • HF transceiver 10 to 100 watts
  • 80/40 metre antenna with NVIS characteristics
  • Base, mobile or portable station
  • Battery powered off grid

Alpine Fault Net Controller

Suitable for advanced amateur radio operators with previous experience as an Alpine Fault Net Operator.

You will direct at least two nets per year using a scripted format.

  • 3 months as Alpine Fault Net Operator
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Comfortable following scripted procedures
  • Calm under pressure
  • Available to participate on a roster

Comms Trailer Custodian

Suitable for Amateur Radio Operators with a full and clean drivers licence.

You will collect the comms trailer from storage, tow to designated locations, and setup for display and / or operations.

At the conclusion of events, you will pack down and return the comms trailer to the storge location.

  • 3 months as Alpine Fault Net Operator
  • Located in (or near) Christchurch
  • Own AWD/4WD towing vehicle
  • Competent towing & backing 6x4 1000kg trailer
  • Technical aptitude
  • Not likely to be called on by other organisations during a natural disaster

Volunteer Application

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